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Congress: Take Action to End the Dog/Cat Meat Trade

95.000 GOL

A new, bipartisan resolution has just been introduced in the House of Representatives which urges China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, India and ALL nations to outlaw the dog/cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against the trade. It is important that the message be sent that the United States is committed to protecting the welfare of animals on a global basis and that the brutal torture and consumption of dogs and cats must end.

Animal Welfare groups estimate that approximately 30,000,000 dogs along with a large quantity of cats are killed globally on an annual basis. Millions of people around the world have asked for an end to this brutal trade. Help demand your member of Congress act immediately to co-sponsor and pass H. Res. 401.

These dogs are often tortured and consumed due to unfounded beliefs. China and South Korea are two examples of this. In China during the ten (10) day Yulin Dog and Lychee Festival approximately 15,000 dogs are tortured because it's believed that tortured meat is more tender, increases strength and virility...In South Korea, Boknal takes place during the three (3) hottest days of summer where Bosingtang/dog soup is consumed because it's believed to keep you cool...it's estimated that approximately two million dogs are killed a year in South Korea with 70 percent of them being consumed during these three (3) days. Cats are boiled alive to make health tonics. 

There is no proof of medical benefits from eating dogs or cats. However, as a result of these unfounded beliefs dogs are beat, hung, boiled, torched and skinned alive. Many of these dogs are stolen pets, others are farm raised in dirty metal cages never to set foot outdoors.

Additionally there are global concerns health and safety concerns. Due to long travel with no shelter from extreme weather, a lack of food and water, sick dogs being packed with healthy dogs, the unsanitary processing of the dogs...rabies, cholera and other diseases are on the rise. China alone has a reported average of 2000 cases of rabies per year.

There are also social costs. Dogs are often tortured in public view. They may be skinned in public or forced to run tied behind a car until they drop and die from exhaustion. Children exposed to this violence may become either traumatized or desensitized. Other citizens must suffer the loss of their stolen pets.

While many will argue that the Dog/Cat Meat Trade is culture, that only poor people eat dogs and cats..., this is simply not true. China's Yulin Festival, for example, was started in 2010 by dog meat traders to increase then dropping sales and South Korea is the home of big companies like Kia and Samsung with the fifth largest economy.

Dogs and Cats help people in many ways. They are companion animals. Dogs are therapy animals, they provide assistance for those with mobility problems , they help diabetics by detecting when their blood sugar is dropping, they can detect when someone is about to have a seizure, they serve in the military, sniff out bombs... now they need our help. 

Please be their voice by urging your member of Congress to cosponsor and move the Hastings/Buchanan bipartisan House Resolution 401 to the house floor for a vote immediately.  You can read the resolution here