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PUEDE SER QUE HAYAS AYUDADO A SALVAR SU VIDA_____You may have just saved her life.

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De: Lyn - Animals Australia <info@animalsaustralia.org>
Enviado: viernes, 23 de junio de 2017 5:10
Para: sammyle2009@hotmail.com
Asunto: You may have just saved her life.
Tania, thank you
Animals Australia

You may have just saved her life.

When you helped urge the Governor of Bali to shut down the brutal dog meat trade, you did something historic. Never before have people from all over the world united on behalf of these vulnerable animals.

Thanks to you, dogs like her have a real chance of growing up in a world where she is valued for more than her weight in meat.

Pressure is mounting on Bali authorities to act. And we're seeing signs that a political decision may soon be possible. That could be game changing. But it's not a done deal. Can you spare 2 minutes to help give these animals an even stronger voice?

Please share this short video with everyone you know who loves animals. Cruelty thrives in dark places. But our investigations are shining light where animals need it most. And the more people who know what's really going on, the greater chance there will be of ending Bali's hidden dog meat trade.


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I know that confronting cruelty is never easy. But it's because of Animals Australia supporters like you — who refuse to turn your back on animals in need — that hope for animals exists.

Thank you on behalf of the entire Animals Australia team,
Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

Animals Australia