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EL BOLETÍN DE PETA_____Dogs Desperate for Food, Shelter, and Medical Care--PETA Steps In

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Enviado: sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017 1:34
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Asunto: Dogs Desperate for Food, Shelter, and Medical Care--PETA Steps In


Dog Before and After Rescue

What PETA Did for Tens of Thousands of Animals in Just One Year

Pregnant dogs were left outside 24/7 in the freezing cold without adequate food, puppies were found with heavy metal chains around their necks, and other animals were found on death's door—until PETA stepped in to help.

Nurse Shark

Gentle Nurse Sharks Dragged Around the Country and Tormented at State Fairs

Fairs are displaying and harassing sharks in tiny tanks in front of noisy crowds. These tanks deny sharks all the rich experiences of their natural environment, including the opportunity to swim freely. Help stop this cruel practice.

Cruelty-Free Shopping

Are You Helping Animals While You Shop?

Do you like helping animals? Do you like to shop? Well, thanks to these compassionate programs (and others on the PETA Mall website), you can do both at the same time! From your Amazon shopping cart to your credit card, here are 11 shockingly easy ways to help animals while you shop.

Justin Long Confronts Canada Goose

Justin Long Thrown Out After Confronting Canada Goose About Its Fur Jackets

Canada Goose continues to avoid questions about its cruelly produced fur products—and Justin Long caught it all on camera.

Mid America Center

Bears Tethered, Muzzled, and Prodded for Entertainment

One bear was so distressed that she urinated while being yanked by the muzzle and forced to walk unnaturally on her hind legs. Tell the venue that hosted the cruel and archaic bear show to commit to holding only animal-free events in the future.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Why Is Canadian Air Carrier WestJet Selling SeaWorld Tickets?

With the release of the documentary Blackfish more than three years ago and SeaWorld's decision to end its orca-breeding program, it has never been clearer that the public no longer supports the use of animals in entertainment—tell WestJet to get on board.

Dog in Crate

A Crate Is a Cage Is a Prison: Why Crating Dogs Is a Terrible Idea

Do you wish your dog were more frustrated, fearful, and clumsy? No? Then find out why leaving dogs inside a crate is detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Lettuce Ladies

PETA's Iconic 'Lettuce Ladies' Take Their First-Ever Trip to Cuba

See how two "Lettuce Ladies," wearing little more than strategically placed lettuce leaves, set out to help animals on the island nation—and how you can help save lives, too.

Kangaroo Killing

Kangaroo Killing Results in First Jail Sentence for Cruelty to Animals in Western Australia

Men cornered and threw rocks at a kangaroo and then bashed the animal with crowbars. As a result, they've been given jail time and a hefty fine. Read the full story, then take action online to help spare other animals unnecessary suffering.

Urgent Action Needed

bullet Mice Drowned, Tormented, and Starved
bullet Tell Venues That Garden Bros. Circus Needs to Drop Its Cruel Animal Acts
bullet Join PETA in Demanding That Restoration Hardware Stop Selling Down
bullet Einstein Bros. Bagels, Please Add Vegan Cream Cheese